Direct your mind through the words you use

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The Life-Changing Magic of Word Power

Course Description:

$75 / 3 CEs by Zoom

Taught by Jeanne Steen

If you ever feel like you are being buffeted by circumstances and reacting to events rather than consciously creating a life that you love, this training is for you.

One of the fastest ways to shift your life in positive and powerful ways is to learn how to direct your mind through the words that you use.

The longest conversation you will ever have is the one in your head; let’s upgrade that! That stream of chatter in your head is not mindless, it’s powerful, if you understand how the inner mind reacts to the words that you say.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, instructor Jeanne Steen knows the power of words. It’s a simple process: change your words, change your mind, change your behavior, change your life.

This class will cover inner language tips that you can apply first to yourself, and then offer to your clients.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Simple words and phrases to watch out for that are commonly used and inadvertently sabotage you; and empowering substitutions
  • How to stop asking the really common type of question that brings your energy down, and ask really powerful questions to get your energy and actions moving towards your goals
  • How the subconscious hears words
  • And Jeanne’s favorite: The most important words that you will ever hear are the words that you say to yourself about yourself and believe.

It’s incredibly empowering. And it’s easy, fascinating and fun.

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