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Course Descriptions:

Aromapoint Course Series

Taught by Sara Vanin

3 CEs per part, $75 per class.
Aromapoint Therapy (APT) is a innovative, gentle, completely safe and yet exceptionally effective hands- on method of treatment that harnesses the power of pure essential oils together with acupoints. Treatment involves placing particular oils on specific acupuncture points on the body in order to trigger energetic changes in the individual that will bring the client back to a state of balance.
After taking Aromapoint Intro, you may take the other modules in any order.
AromaPoint Intro
This class is mandatory prep for everyone, covering key concepts of aromatherapy and acupoint therapy.
AromaPoint 1: Calm The Shen Down
This class focuses on oils that calm anxiety and clear excess thinking and emotional worry.
AromaPoint 2: Nurturing the Soul
Having calmed excessive thinking and emotional distress in Part One, this next class focuses on rebuilding and restoring the client, supporting healthy sleep and restoration.
AromaPoint 3 – Resolving Dampness

Great for those who work with lymphatic clients)

AromaPoint 4 – Generating Warmth (The Cold Conditions)

This class will cover Qi and Yang deficiency with cold and Shen weakness (emotional withdrawal); cold in the uterus, and cold digestive fire (ST/SP)

AromaPoint 5 – Clear Heat, Generate Coolness (The Hot Conditions)
We will cover Shen agitation due to heat, great for those who work with Shen imbalances (anxiety/insomnia/delerium)

All classes meets by Zoom

AromaPoint Therapy: How To Register

How To Register:

  • Course registrations must be received by 5pm the day before the start of class.
  • If you are not ready to pay, you can still add your name to the interest list. Your space will not be permanently held until payment is made.
  • To pay by phone, call 847-864-1130
  • To pay online, check the box next to the associated start date below and  select the “NEXT STEPS ” button. By prepaying you agree to our registration policies.

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