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Are you considering massage school...
but looking for something more? 

Always been interested in Asian arts and philosophies? Many students researching Chicago massage schools come across Zen Shiatsu Chicago, and their eyes are opened to the full possibilities of bodywork.

Why study at Zen Shiatsu?

Shiatsu Certification

Full-time and part-time schedules, holistic approach, clinical experience.

CE Massage Courses

CEUs for massage professionals, as well as beginning courses and free workshops.


What student's and graduates have to say about being part of ZSC.

What Is Zen Shiatsu?

Always been interested in Asian arts and philosophies? Check out this video to learn more!

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Exceed The Minimum

Your training would meet and exceed the minimum training requirements for an Illinois massage license.  Zen Shiatsu Chicago goes above and beyond the minimum Illinois massage school hours, preparing you to practice in more states.

Zen Shiatsu Chicago school graduates practice in the same clinical environments as all massage school graduates, but have marketable additional skills in holistic lifestyle analysis and treatment of internal disorders through Chinese Medical principles.

A Step Beyond

We address injury, posture and relaxation just like massage school, and the Zen Shiatsu Chicago program goes a step farther than massage school. We apply holistic health understandings including the mind/body connection, understandings of how diet, emotion, environment and stress affect our internal organs, and tools to relieve these issues through touch therapy.

If you have looked into massage school programs and found the curriculum too exclusively focused on musculoskeletal pathology, you should consider Zen Shiatsu Chicago.